Charon QC’s UK law tour (in a jag rouge) and his impending trial

Charon QC's UK Law Tour
Charon QC goes mobile

Charon QC is about to embark (this coming Thursday 1st November 2012) on a law tour of the UK in a red Jaguar. This tour will cover the far reaches of the UK (including, with my encouragement and Inksters‘ sponsorship, Shetland), take him about a year and as he says will involve:-

“Podcasts, voxpops with a television camera, analysis of the legal events of the day, commentary on the changing legal landscape, ephemeral musings and anything else that comes into my surreal mind will be reported.”

Jon Harman has created a trailer for the tour:-

This is a hugely exciting project that could become “a legal domesday book”. I am honoured to be included amongst Charon QC’s Roving Reporters. Do follow the dedicated blog that will document Charon QC’s UK Law Tour.

An early part of the tour will see Charon QC put on ‘trial’ at a Twegal Tweetup with a difference. Again the talented Jon Harman has produced a trailer for the trial:-

This latest This is Your Laugh trial organised by David Allison follows on from The Trial of Three Twegals which was a fun event I attended in June. I have bought my ticket for The Trial of Charon QC at The Lamb Tavern in London on 21st November 2012. You can get yours (before they sell out as I am sure they will) at: We Got Tickets.

Update: 2 December 2012

The Trial of Charon QC has been covered by:-

John Flemming at Twats and Tweets at London lawyers’ comedy show trial in a pub last night

Clare Rodway at The Conversation (after the piece about Alex Aldridge)

David Allison at Always look on the bright side of life.. The Trial of Charon QC

And Mike Briercliffe has written a limerick:-

At the Trial of Charon QC
Were Inkster and Miles and me
and Chris Sherliker came, his Lordship to tame
Charon’s guilt was apparent to see

You can see a photo of Mike Briercliffe, Elizabeth Miles and Chris Sherliker enjoying the Trial in my post: Tweeting less but meeting more.

Update on Jag Rouge UK Law Tour

Unfortunately the Jag Rouge UK Law Tour never happened

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  1. And at Iken we are looking forward to Charon QC’s. visit to Bristol in the New Year during our company training week, when he will be leading a session on Contract Law for everyone as part of our corporate-wide commercial awareness training.

    It will be fun as well as informative

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