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  1. Elizabeth thought of twitter as chatting in the senior common room. Her presence there provided much wisdom to aspiring lawyers as you describe, comfort to the sick and distressed, and also courteous challenges to those of differing political and religious views. We will miss our day-to-day contact but never forget what she brought to our lives.

    IKEN is of course a valid registered trademark and the name of a business whose success will be a great testament to her memory under Dr Andrew Chester who assumes the mantle of Ikenceo

  2. Elizabeth and I were in a hot air balloon on one of Chris’ virtual Twitter parties. I lost my wig and she laughed out loud.

    1. Oh no. This makes me very sad. I met Elizabeth on twitter before I got laid off and she invited me to one of Chris’ virtual twitter parties in 2009. I met so many wonderful people thanks to this good twitter friend. What a loss for the twitterverse. She’ll be deeply missed.

  3. It’s a chock to hear IkenCEO is not anymore with us. I hope her all the best for the second part of her…lfie/existence//future/…. what ever the ‘au-dela’ will be for her.
    Hope she had had time to tell Google what to do with her online persona after death.
    Warm souvenir from our virtual Tweetup parties.

  4. A lovely tribute to our much missed twitter friend. RIP Elizabeth Miles aka @IkenCEO – sad to lose a tweeting legal, glad we met.

  5. Thank you so very much for writing such a lovely piece about my mum. It has been truly amazing to see how much she meant to people, and I hope she will continue to be an inspiration to many in the future.

  6. Thank you for this post. I met Elizabeth on twitter when we both noted an Iranian twitterer had stopped publishing during and/or after the controversial elections in 2009. With the move to Hootsuite I felt some of my familiar followings had not come across – having a search today of course I come across this sad news. Elizabeth was always generous with commentary on twitter and a true leader in giving confidence to people to find their voice in the new media.

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