Is it smart for lawyers to blockchain?

Hot on the heels of Gartner predicting that by 2023 “Lawbots” will handle a quarter of internal legal requests and referencing a Divorce Bot that actually (unbeknown to them) only ‘lived’ for 3 days, they have now recommended businesses move to test and adopt smart contracts and blockchain. They have stated:- The impact of blockchain smart…

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Lexpo Bot and The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Tech Predictions

As indicated previously I was to give a talk on The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Tech Predictions at Lexpo 2019 in Amsterdam. What I didn’t reveal at that time (I kept it for a surprise on the day) was that I would appear on stage dressed as Lexpo Bot. The reason for this was…

Blockchain is just hype? Allen & Overy won’t worry

Artificial Lawyer published an article this week entitled ‘Blockchain Is Just Hype? Allen & Overy Doesn’t Think So‘. On Twitter Artificial Lawyer tweeted:- Is #blockchain just hype…? Nope. There are some distinct and very real use cases. I immediately assumed Allen & Overy had implemented some daft blockchain application within their firm of the Pinsent…


What does it say when a Legal Blockchain eBook is promoted by FAKE views?

When I saw the headline on Social Media that read ‘What Does It Say when A Legal Blockchain eBook Has 1.7M Views?‘ I thought that couldn’t possibly be correct. The article by Mark Cohen on Forbes states:- “Blockchain For Lawyers,” a recently-released eBook by Australian legal tech company Legaler, drew 1.7M views in two weeks….