#FF Jon Harman (@colmmu) this Christmas

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Jon Harman (@colmmu) has been keeping fellow Twegals amused over the past few months with his Twitter Follow Friday (#FF) Experiment.

From writing in the sand on a beach in Norway to filming a drive from his home, Jon has made #FF a whole new experience both for himself and the subjects of his experiment.

I have featured in Jon’s #FF videos with roles as Luke Skywalker, Dracula and Scrooge! It has brightened up my Fridays and I am sure it has done likewise for the others who have featured in them.

Jon explains his experiment thus:-

I was starting to find Twitter a bit stale and a certain level of back biting and status anxiety about followers/ Klout etc was creeping into my stream at a steady pace. I wanted to bring some fun back to Twitter and #FF seemed a great place to start. I’ve always liked the idea of #FF in theory, in practice it’s a bit of a burden and too backslapping. It felt insincere and I was always likely to miss someone. So I thought I would throw caution to wind and set out to try and do something a bit different each week and create a little uplift and smile at the end of the week. It’s also a test in engagement, the stats were quite interesting in terms of retweets and views of videos.

Jon has used various formats for his Twitter #FF Experiment but on the whole he has settled into using Jib Jab videos. He discusses this in his excellent post on musings on creativity.

I don’t do #FF myself very often, probably for some of the reasons Jon set out (I have been known to do #FirstFoot at New Year – and may repeat that next week). However, I thought it would be nice this Christmas to honour Jon and his Twitter #FF Experiment with a Jib Jab video featuring him. So here it is #FF Jon Harman (@colmmu) and his marakas. Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!

So do #FF @colmmu (now @kaoticoddchild) this Christmas:-

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