The past, present and future of UK Blawg Roundup

8th April
Not just Arthur… but also UK Blawg Roundup #6

Four weeks today is 8th April 2011. On that date, it so happens, Arthur will be released: The Russell Brand / Helen Mirren remake of the Dudley Moore / John Gielgud movie. If that does not excite my fellow Blawgers (thought it wouldn’t) you might be more interested to hear that 8th April 2011 is also the date that UK Blawg Roundup #6 (hosted by The Time Blawg) is released.

For those unfamiliar with it here is the past, present and future of UK Blawg Roundup:-

The Past

Michael Scutt came up with the idea of UK Blawg Roundup to highlight legal blogs in the UK. Michael launched a UK Blawg Roundup blawg and a Twitter feed (@UKBLawgRoundUp). On the blawg Michael explains:-

“A Blawg is a  blog about law and the intention of this blawg is to focus on the UK legal blogging scene. The well respected Blawg Review is largely American, and with the increase in blogging generally, it will naturally tend to concentrate more on the American Blogs.”

A recent post on the UK Blawg Roundup blawg by Nick Holmes answers fully the question What is a Blawg?

The very first #1 UK Blawg Roundup, It’s not Blawg Review, was hosted by Michael Scutt, on 4 January 2010, on his Jobsworth blawg.

Being a quarterly Roundup the next one #2 was an Easter edition with the theme ‘new beginnings’. UK Blawg Roundup Easter 2010 was hosted by Jon Bloor on Peninsulawyer.

Then in Summer 2010 Michael Scutt was back with #3 Midsummer Madness.

Next quarter it was #4 A Halloween Hoot by Melanie Hatton on her In-House Lawyer blawg.

The Present

The current edition #5 of UK Blawg Roundup, the first of 2011, is Deep and Crisp and Even More: A Review of UK Legal Blogging 2011 by Paul Hajek on the Clutton Cox blog (N.B. Paul does not like the word blawg: “Blawgs, as Terry Thomas would have agreed, is such a ghastly word”).

The Future

UKBR#6 – Time for The Time Blawg: The next edition #6 of UK Blawg Roundup will materialise here, on The Time Blawg, on 8th April 2011. Indeed my agreement with Michael Scutt, some time ago, to host #6 prompted me to actually launch this Blawg to have somewhere to  host it!

I will be doing a roundup of UK blawg posts arising during the first 3 months of 2011. If you are a UK blawger please highlight your best posts during that period to me. You can submit your blawg posts to me via the Blog Carnival website. Please do so by 31st March 2011 at the latest.

Alternatively, you might (although I would not necessarily recommend it) want to watch the trailer for Arthur:-

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