100,000 Legal Tweets

This past week @CharonQC achieved a major Twegal (or Tweeting Legal for those that prefer) milestone (although he joked with Antonin Pribetic that it was perhaps a millstone) when he tweeted his 100,000th tweet. I thought this event should not go undocumented. Here it is:-

CharonQC's 100,000th Tweet

Those that know Charon QC will know that it is not just law he tweets about. His 100,000th tweet mentioned a duck. Charon QC often tells us about the ducks on the Thames outside his State Rooms in Battersea. Yesterday he combined law and ducks in this tweet:-

CharonQC: A duck in the Boat Race

Perhaps @ThamesSwimmer should have texted or tweeted Charon QC before today! As a side note Charon QC’s comment on the Boat Race can be seen on his Blawg: Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race: That farkin swimmer was an amateur…

I digress. Back to the 100,000th milestone. I have not researched this but I would be very surprised if any other legal tweeter in the UK (probably the world) has anywhere near as many tweets to their credit as Charon QC. If The Lawyer were to publish an accurate objective list of top 10 Tweeters based on the quantity of their tweets (as opposed to the number of followers) then Charon QC would surely top it by a mile. Lawyers who delete their tweets would, unfortunately, not feature in that list 😉

So congratulations Charon QC! Keep up the tweeting. Twitter is all the better for it. I look forward to reporting your one millionth tweet on The Time Blawg!

In other round number news: Charon QC is the 10th host of UK Blawg Roundup with the Easter edition about to be published on Charon’s Blawg in the next day or two. It is sure to be a cracking read. Do keep your eyes peeled for it.

Update – 30 May 2012: Slightly later than originally anticipated, but all the better for the wait, Charon QC has this week published UK Blawg Roundup #10 in 4 parts:-

UK Blawg Roundup #10 – Part 1

UK Blawg Roundup #10 – Part 2

UK Blawg Roundup #10 – Part 3

UK Blawg Roundup #10 – Part 4

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  1. Have to say that Charon, and the man behind the name, is a genius – shows that legal blogging and tweeting can be amusing as well as important. You are also a great contributor so hats off to you also.

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