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Lexpo Bot and The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Tech Predictions

Lexpo Bot and Brian Inkster at Lexpo 2019 AmsterdamAs indicated previously I was to give a talk on The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Tech Predictions at Lexpo 2019 in Amsterdam. What I didn’t reveal at that time (I kept it for a surprise on the day) was that I would appear on stage dressed as Lexpo Bot. The reason for this was to highlight the fact that Legal Tech is not always what it is dressed up to be.

Lexpo have recently released a video of my talk so you can now watch the full Lexpo Bot experience!:-

I’ve also made my slides available through SlideShare:-

And a fuller version of my talk can be read on here at my original blog post on the seven deadly sins that resulted in Lexpo asking me to turn it into a talk:-

Travels through the Blawgosphere #2 : Artificial Intelligence and Law ~ Robots replacing Lawyers?

For more of the Lexpo 2019 presentations see: lexpo.com/past-events/2019/videos

And the Lexpo 2020 dates have now been revealed as 20 and 21 April 2020. Information will be released on the event as it takes shape at Lexpo.com

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