Legal Tech Reality Check at Lexpo 2019

Lexpo 2019 - Brian Inkster - Legal Tech Reality CheckIn 2018 I blogged a lot about the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in the legal world. This included:-

In 2019 I will be taking the scepticism I have expressed in these posts to present a reality check on legal technology live on stage at Lexpo in Amsterdam on 8 & 9 April.

My talk is on:-

The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Tech Predictions

There is much hype about robots taking over the work of lawyers. In this talk I will guide you through The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Tech Predictions to debunk the hype and allow you to see the wood from the trees.

Expect to hear tales of sensationalism by legal technology journalists, fake and failed robots, unimpressive legal chatbots, AI washing, Blockwashing and the reality of Moore’s law today. Blade Runner, which of course was set in 2019, will also feature.

Lexpo’19 – Legal Innovation at its best

In just three years, Lexpo established itself as the number one opportunity in Continental Europe to learn about the latest trends in legal innovation. Lexpo’19 will provide a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge trends that will be high on every law firm’s agenda in the coming years.

Why visit Lexpo?

Network with the Lexpo speakers and panelists, your peers from the legal industry and dozens of vendors of innovative legaltech products and services. There will be plenty of opportunity to relax and socialise: during the morning- and afternoon breaks, while enjoying the extensive lunch buffets, during the refreshing drinks reception or at the original foodmarket-style networking dinner!

Learn about the latest innovations and find out how new solutions can bring you and your firm to the next level. Find out what Lexpo’s legaltech startup partners are working on and how their solutions might streamline your operations. Discuss pressing issues during round table sessions and discover how other firms delivered successful projects to their business.

Have fun! Lexpo visitors know they can expect the best experience: top speakers, interactive sessions, timely themes, high-quality catering and more than enough entertainment.

Lexpo’19 Themes

1. Differentiation

Innovative legaltech solutions are hitting the market at an ever-increasing rate, thereby facilitating the creation of level playing fields for all involved parties. How can law firms differentiate themselves to demonstrate competitive advantage to their clients? There will be multiple sessions at Lexpo’19 that will help formulating your strategy.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is key, not only between lawyers and their clients, but also between the professional experts working in different practice areas. Partners might recognise the need to change, but their buy-in doesn’t always translate to a change in behaviour. At Lexpo’19 they explore different perspectives and let key stakeholders take the stage!

3. Valuation

What is legal advice really worth to clients? Does the means of delivery affect the value? How to work out the right price on the right deal? Can pricing and client service strategies help to differentiate a law firm from its competitors? How to define what customer-focused really means. And how can technology play a role? At Lexpo’19 prominent subject matter experts will share their views.

4. Cyber Security

The news is full of stories about law firm hacks and ransomware victims. Cybersecurity remains a top priority for law firms, the reality is often disappointing: expensive security projects that do not necessarily offer a return on investment tend to be pretty unpopular with CIOs! At Lexpo’19, they won’t just stress the importance of cybersecurity—they’ll try to find ways of improving security while keeping everyone happy.

Other Speakers

Other Lexpo’19 speakers so far announced include Heidi Gardner, Tim Nightingale, Richard Burcher, Arup Das, Marcus Weinberger, Karl Chapman,
Jenny Jones, Oz Benamran, Mitch Kowalski, Alex Hamilton and Peter Lee.

I’ve been a delegate before

In 2017 I attended Lexpo as a delegate and very much enjoyed the conference. Here is a video giving some impressions from that one:-

Lexpo 2017 Impressions from Lexpo on Vimeo.

Buy your tickets

You can buy your tickets here: lexpo.com/buy-your-ticket

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