Blawging with M’Learned Friends

M'Learned Friend
You remain M’Learned Friend even if I don’t agree with your comment on my Blawg Post!

In my post on Blawgers and the Inquisition I suggested that lawyers should perhaps utilise their skills in drafting written pleadings when preparing a blog post and ensure that there is little for other blawgers to attack.

Otherwise they should be prepared for criticism and will have no one to blame but themselves. But what do you do if and when that criticism is directed at you?

If you did get it wrong then you should, of course, be gracious in defeat as you would be to your opposing counsel in the court room.

Even if you are adamant that you have not got it wrong do also be gracious towards those that think you have, again as you would to your learned friend in the courtroom.

Whilst I was having dinner at Rubino in Valletta (highly recommended I might add) I noticed a sign above the bar. It read:-

“It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice!”

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  1. I’m always really grateful when people point out something wrong in what I have written, because I can then go and correct it.

    Or, if I don’t agree with them, then it will make an interesting discussion.

    Blogs are always more interesting when there are discussions but you are less likely to get comments with ‘perfect’ posts. If you want comments, its sometimes a good idea to deliberately leave something out to give people something to comment about.

    If someone posts a comment which you feel you cannot allow to pass without giving a cross rejoinder, it may be better just not to publish it at all.

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