Metaverses and the Internet

Metaverses and the Internet

On LinkedIn I saw this post by Jason Anderson about metaverses and the internet:-

Please stop talking about “metaverses”. There (will be) one single metaverse, not multiple metaverses. The individual spaces within the metaverse don’t yet have an agreed-on descriptor, but it’ll be something like universe, world, space, node, etc.

To understand this, just think about the internet; there is one single internet, and it is made up of multiple sites. There are not multiple internets – LinkedIn is a site on the internet, it is not an internet.

I replied:-

Will this one metaverse (if it ever happens) not just be another site on the internet too?

Until then are all the sites currently claiming to be a metaverse not just another site on the internet too?

Does this actually make the internet the metaverse?

For more of my thoughts on the metaverse see: Metaverse Lawyers

Reactions on Social Media on Metaverses and the Internet

On LinkedIn the following comments have been made:-

Mitch Kowalski (European/Canadian, Head of Legal and Legal Operations Advisor – Works Globally):

Do we need a Metaverse?



Mitch Kowalski:

but but but it is sooooo cool 😎


It made me feel sick:


Graeme Johnston (Software for mapping work and getting things done):

it’s quite amusing to read Gartner on this, as they skip rather casually between ‘a Metaverse’, ‘the Metaverse’ and just ‘Metaverse.’ All with a capital ‘M’ though.


Gartner are always good for a laugh!


Nabiha Khwaja (Legal Tech Consultant/Engineer | Lawyer | Writer):

Interesting, Brian!

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