LawHouse - The New Social Media Audio App Just for Lawyers
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LawHouse – The Social Media Audio App Just for Lawyers

Since Clubhouse came on the scene audio only Apps have become the next big thing in Social Media. Lawyer Tik Tok videos are now very old hat. All the cool lawyers want to follow the tech bros into audio only rooms.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have all announced development of their own versions of Clubhouse with Twitter first off the mark with Twitter Spaces in Beta for some weeks now.

But the biggest news of the year so far in the audio only App space is news that LawHouse is launching. A new social media audio App just for lawyers!

The brainchild behind this niche LegalTech App is no other than the founder of Loo Law. That was also an audio App (but with text and video functionality as well). However Loo Law was targeted at the B to C (or number 1s and 2s) market whereas Clubhouse is strictly B to B or, more accurately, just L to L (lawyer to lawyer).

I caught up with Sidney James on the telephone to discuss his pivot from Loo Law to LawHouse.

Me: Why the pivot?

James: Unfortunately Loo Law never really took off. It transpired that people actually had better things to do on the loo than talk with their solicitor. But with the rise of audio chat apps I realised we had already developed much of the technology required at Loo Law and the pivot to LawHouse was a natural and easy one to make.

Me: But why do lawyers need their own audio App? Can’t they just use Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces or wait for the offerings in the pipeline from Facebook or LinkedIn?

James: Lawyers are special. They like things to be just for them. They have their very own ‘Legal Tech’, ‘Legal Design’ and ‘Legal Innovation’.  LawHouse will be part of the brave new Legal Tech world. We might even get to play in the Legal Tech Sandbox or run in one of the special Legal Tech Accelerators. We can’t wait to be included in the Legal Geek Start-up Map. A good example of the trend towards Apps just for lawyers to connect with other lawyers is the recently launched dating App: Lawyr.

Me: Will you be competing with Lawyr?

James: Don’t be silly! LawHouse is professional chat for professionals. Lawyr is… well… not really about chat.

Me: Concerns have been raised about privacy violations at Clubhouse and I blogged about it not being the best place for lawyers to hang out at because of that. Will you be sharing contact lists on LawHouse?

James: Absolutely not! That is why lawyers will love it and leave Clubhouse in their droves for LawHouse. We are fully GDPR compliant and will never share your contact lists.

Me: How do you ensure only lawyers are using the platform?

James: Good question. But there is a very simple answer. Lawyers all use faxes. No one else does. So to join LawHouse you simply send us a fax with your mobile number on it and we will text you a special invite link to download the App from.

Me: Brilliant! What do you expect lawyers to be discussing in the LawHouse rooms.

James: Not rooms! That’s a Clubhouse thing! We have Chambers in LawHouse for our lawyers to confer in.

Me: Of course! Silly me. What do you expect the lawyers to be discussing in their LawHouse Chambers?

James: If Clubhouse is anything to go by possibly their favourite colour, movie or biscuit. But that’s the great thing about audio chat Apps they get you away from time sheets and the billable hour. And that is really what lawyers need especially during lockdown. But I do think with LawHouse the chat will be more lawyer centric. So things like what is the best breed of horse to get your wig hair from? Or who was the Secret Barrister‘s pupil master?

So there you have it – the next big thing in Legal Tech. One that eliminates all the problems that come with lawyers using Clubhouse. I’ve already faxed LawHouse and am looking forward to chatting with other lawyers in Chambers on the App soon. If you are a lawyer and want to join LawHouse just provide your fax number in the contact form below and Sidney will then fax you all the details you need to join LawHouse.

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