Reinvent Law London 2014 – It’s all about the people

Reinvent Law London 2014 - It is all about the people

I usually write a review of Reinvent Law London: having done so for the first such event, when it was called LawTech Camp London 2012, and the second, Reinvent Law London 2013. This year I was speaking at Reinvent Law London 2014. I have already posted on here my talk on ‘Improving‘ and the Tweets relative to that talk. I am not going to do a full review of the event this year. Many others have already done a very good job of that. I will list the reviews and other related blog posts that I have picked up on at the end of this post. If I have missed any out let me know add I will add them in.

What I am going to do is simply add some reflections on this year’s event. I thought it was the best one yet. Not because I was speaking at it 😉 but because I met and chatted with many more delegates than at the previous ones. Maybe that was because I was a speaker and more people approached me at break out sessions than might otherwise have been the case. There was the hard core of regular London Twegals with whom it is always nice to catch up with. But there was a very large number of new connections made and interesting ideas exchanged. This went on well into the evening with a group of us, from several different countries, retiring to a bar for food and more drinks following the LexisNexis official drinks reception.

Reinvent Law has its critics, including at times myself. Whatever one might say about the content (generally thought provoking if often lacking in breadth and balance) it does pull in an interesting global audience that it is a pleasure to be part of. It’s all about the people and I will be back next year for that reason alone.

I will also make the same promise I did last year and fly across the pond to attend the next Reinvent Law NYC if the organisers bite the bullet and invite Scott Greenfield to speak at that event. As I heard at an inbound marketing conference earlier this week:-

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Photo credit: LexisNexis

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