Lawyers doing business online: From Click to Client Conference

Legal Futures Click to Client Conference

I have been a bit critical of late of legal technology and legal futurist conferences that are looking far into the future and not concentrating on what can actually be achieved by law firms here and now. It is refreshing therefore to see the programme for Legal Futures’ next event: The NatWest mmadigital From Click 2 Client Conference in London on Monday 16th June 2014. I do, of course, have to declare an interest as I am one of the speakers. So my advance write up may be a bit biased. But when you look at the line up it is on the whole real coal face practitioners who have actually been using online technology to improve their businesses. Other lawyers can learn a lot from these pioneers. It is not pie in the sky stuff about what we might or might not be doing in 2034 (I hope to have retired by then!).

The Click 2 Client Conference will look at developing a digital strategy. Who better than Tessa Shepperson and Paul Hajek to be on the panel for that session. I have referenced both of these digital legal pioneers a number of times in posts on this blog. You will also hear about the golden rules of digital marketing and ‘Find a Solicitor’ websites. Steve Kuncewicz and I will be looking at making the best of social media. A bit more futuristic perhaps, but nonetheless a reality in play today, will be sessions on legal intelligence meets artificial intelligence and also a look through the google glass. So all in all a practical look at technology lawyers can be using today and could be using tomorrow (not the distant future) to enhance their practices.

This is a must attend Conference for any lawyers with an interest in using online technology to grow their business. There is an early bird price if you book before 30th April of £199 plus VAT. That sounds like a good deal to me. BOOK NOW and reboot your law firm. I look forward to seeing you there!


The Click 2 Client Conference has been and gone. As I was presenting at it I have not been able to do a review as such. But here are some images from the conference which include those speakers mentioned above and also a video to boot.

Legal Futures Click 2 Client Conference 2014 Audience
Note the keen Tweeters!
Legal Futures Click 2 Client Conference 2014 - Steve Kuncewicz and Brian Inkster
Steve Kuncewicz and Brian Inkster in ‘the Green Room’
Legal Futures Click 2 Client Conference 2014 - Tessa Shepperson and Paul Hajek
Tessa Shepperson and Paul Hajek
Legal Futures Click 2 Client Conference 2014 - Brian Inkster
Brian Inkster has something to say about social media

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  1. Thank you Brian.

    The wonderful thing is that ( I dare say) we shall all be learning something new from each other and i am doubly excited as both a presenter and an attendee.

    Paul Hajek

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