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Lawyers don’t need a ‘Second Life’ conference

In the time of lockdown, Nicole Black has pondered at ‘Above the Law‘ that:- Surely there’s a way to hold a virtual conference that’s more interactive and allows attendees to be more engaged with both vendors and other attendees. Nicole thinks we need something more than Zoom. Her suggestion is that we should have avatars…

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Future Law: IT and Legal Practice Predictions for 2014

… A couple of days ago I looked back to what happened in 2013. Today I will look forward to what might happen in 2014. I first made legal IT predictions in 2011 on this blog. I will for 2014 follow the same format and topics (with perhaps some extra ones thrown in at the end)….

Travels through the Blawgosphere #1 (Innovation in Law)

In my last post I announced that I planned a new series: Travels through the Blawgosphere. Well here it begins with Episode #1. The theme of this first Episode is Innovation in legal practice. Where better to start on Innovation and the law than with a blog post by Stephen Allen aka LexFuturus. Stephen only…