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Atrium: A Post-mortem

On Tuesday (3 March 2020) Tech Crunch broke the news that Atrium, the Californian based hybrid legal software and law firm, was shutting down. Tech Crunch said this was “after failing to figure out how to deliver better efficiency than a traditional law firm”. Atrium has now laid off all its employees, which totaled just…

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Legal Jobs -v- LawBots : Gartner, McKinsey and the V&A

This past week reading a couple of articles on the internet and visiting a museum made me think a lot about the future of jobs in law and whether or not robots would be replacing us. I have, of course, previously visited this question and in particular the seven deadly sins that can be committed…

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Legal Geek 2019 : The One with the Filing Cabinet, the Axe and the Sling

On 16 October I attended the 2019 Legal Geek Conference in Shoreditch, London. This was the fourth Legal Geek London Conference and my second. I attended last year’s event: The One where Reality overtook Hype. The day started with long queues:- The Conference had already started by the time me and many others reached the…

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Legal Tech start-ups need to beware of the Thomson Reuters competition

This week Artificial Lawyer republished a press release from Thomson Reuters about a competition that they have launched:- Global legal publisher and tech company, Thomson Reuters (TR), is launching a new prize for RegTech and legal tech companies that could see the winner bag up to a $250,000 investment, partnership with the business, plus $15,000…


Legal Geek 2018 : The One where Reality overtook Hype

On 17 October I attended the 2018 Legal Geek Conference in Shoreditch, London. This was the third Legal Geek Conference but my first. Legal Geek have committed to always being free for legal start-ups and they continue to focus on this. They have defined a simple ethos for their events: Come to make friends, not to sell Dress comfortably…

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Hack the Law to Reinvent the Wheel?

My last post on ‘Lawyers and coding‘ was written as the Global Legal Hackathon was underway. We now have the results. As I watched proceedings via Twitter, with specific reference to the London event, I was of the view that I was seeing solutions to ‘problems’ that possibly didn’t really exist and the wheel often being reinvented….