What others are saying about The Time Blawg

The Time Blawg featured in Clocktimizer’s list of the best (and worst) legal tech blogs on offer.

They said:-

The Time Blawg is a new one on our radar (thanks Alex [Smith]!). It came to our attention following a piece about the controversial outcome of the recent London Legal Hackathon. The piece itself was a great (and deservedly critical) look at the use of technology for technology’s sake. It is also indicative of what you can expect from the author, Brian Inkster. Namely, an irreverent look at the good, the bad and the ugly of legal tech.

What it’s good at: As we pointed out, Brian doesn’t pull any punches. This makes the blog wonderfully refreshing in that it will often point out unnecessary tech, poorly thought out concepts, or badly organised events. The blog is also skilled at bringing in real opinion from Linkedin or Twitter, to expand on or support arguments. It builds a first hand account of someone trying to find the best way to implement technology in the most appropriate way as a practicing lawyer. It helps that that person is also eminently capable of doing so.

What it’s bad at: Giving you a more top down look on the legal industry. As a personal blog, the focus is on topics and subjects that directly impact the author. As such, if you’re looking for a bigger look at the challenges facing, say, Big Law in the US, this is not the place for you. We also wish there was a more prominent tagging system, so we could select pieces on specific topics.