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Lawyers and Social Media + Personal Branding for Law Students

Published on 16/10/2014 By Brian Inkster

… … I gave a talk today on Lawyers and Social Media to the students on the Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow School of Law. My talk emphasised the importance of personal branding for young lawyers which can and should start whilst still law students. I pointed out that lawyers had to tell the […]

Reinvent Law London 2013 Reviewed: DO – don’t just talk

Published on 16/06/2013 By Brian Inkster

… I attended Reinvent Law in London on Friday. It had the same organisers (Daniel Katz and Renee Knake of Michigan State University College of Law in partnership with the University of Westminster) and style as LawTech Camp London 2012. Basically the same concept but with a new name. So pretty much every tweeting legal is here […]

Elizabeth Miles: A True Twitter Friend (2009 – 2013)

Published on 16/04/2013 By Brian Inkster

… I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear yesterday morning that Elizabeth Miles had passed away over the weekend. Elizabeth was one of my very early connections on Twitter – way back in the pioneering days of 2009. She was an active participant in the Virtual Twitter Parties organised by Chris Sherliker and when those turned […]

The Time Blawg – Two Years On (Part 1: Social Media)

Published on 03/01/2013 By Brian Inkster

… On 1 January 2011, The Time Blawg materialised. One year ago I looked back at the first year of The Time Blawg – One Year On. Today I will look back at what went on during the second year of The Time Blawg with specific reference to Social Media and give my thoughts on […]

Lex2012 Reviewed: Legal Innovation and Technology Conference reveals ‘Camel’ Computing

Published on 25/04/2012 By Brian Inkster

… The annual Lex Conference (now in its 10th year) from the Ark Group is “dedicated to driving law firm efficiency through innovation and technology”. Last year I was a speaker at Lex2011. This year I attended Lex2012 as a delegate. This video, from last year (in which I make an appearance or two) gives […]

#Lex2012Tweetup: The First Anniversary Twegals Tweetup

Published on 27/03/2012 By Brian Inkster

… In 4 weeks time (Tuesday 24 April 2012) Linda Cheung and I will reunite to co-host the Lex 2012 Tweetup. Large London #TwegalTweetups or #TweetingLegals as they have become known (I think for those who are adverse to the term Twegals – bring it back I say!) started life over a year ago when […]

The Time Blawg – One Year On

Published on 02/01/2012 By Brian Inkster

… One year ago yesterday, on 1 January 2011, The Time Blawg materialised. I blogged then:- I look forward to posting on The Time Blawg in 2011 and beyond, inviting guest bloggers, receiving comments and encouraging debate at a time when the legal profession is going through many changes. I was not entirely sure where […]

#Lex2011Tweetup: When Virtual became IRL (In Real Life)

Published on 20/03/2011 By Brian Inkster

… My wife (who has been known to refer to herself, at times, as a Twidow) often says that the people I am tweeting with are “not real”. I, of course, know that they (or at least the majority of them!) are. Confirmation of this, if required, came on Wednesday evening at the Lex 2011 […]

Lex 2011 + The #Lex2011Tweetup

Published on 23/02/2011 By Brian Inkster

… Lex 2011 I will be attending and speaking at Lex 2011. On Day 1 (16 March at 11:10am) I am presenting a Case Study on using Twitter to raise your profile and grow your law firm, based on my experiences at Inksters. I will look at:- Marketing to a changing demographic: Understanding how your […]