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Tweets on Improving a Law Firm

Published on 11/07/2014 By Brian Inkster

… My last post was on what I said about improving a law firm at Reinvent Law London 2014. This post is on what others said on Twitter about my talk. Interest seemed to be piqued most on pop-up law and having fun. Two of the more novel concepts for lawyers perhaps! @BrianInkster up next at #ReinventLaw […]

LawTech Camp London 2012: In Tweets

Published on 01/07/2012 By Brian Inkster

In my last post I reviewed LawTech Camp London 2012. I finished that post with a promise to do a follow up post highlighting tweets from the Conference. I find tweeting at conferences a good way to record salient points for future reference and often it results in widening the debate amongst others who are […]