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Why lawyers can take breaks from Twitter

Published on 01/12/2012 By Brian Inkster

… My last post on ‘Tweeting less but meeting more‘ has generated some debate with Brian John Spencer posting ‘A letter to Inksters: just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that you can put your Twitter into hibernation‘. This is an interesting topic and one worthy of some debate and consideration. I do, however, think […]

The Time Blawg – One Year On

Published on 02/01/2012 By Brian Inkster

… One year ago yesterday, on 1 January 2011, The Time Blawg materialised. I blogged then:- I look forward to posting on The Time Blawg in 2011 and beyond, inviting guest bloggers, receiving comments and encouraging debate at a time when the legal profession is going through many changes. I was not entirely sure where […]

Miriam Said’s Law Time: From the Outside Looking In

Published on 30/03/2011 By Brian Inkster

… ‘Your Law Time’ is a series of Guest Blog Posts being launched today on The Time Blawg. The Guest Bloggers will tell you about their personal past, present and future in or associated with the Law. I am delighted to have Miriam Said as my first Assistant in The Time Blawg Tardis to tell […]