LawTech Futures 2014: The one with the http regret

Sir Tim Berners Lee at LawTech Futures 2014
“You better explain the World Wide Web to them Tim as they may not have heard of it”

Yesterday was LawTech Futures 2014 – The Future of Legal Technology (Europe’s largest legal technology event). The last two years I was invited to attend, went and wrote reviews: LawTech Futures 2012 Reviewed: The Search for the Holy Grail of Legal Technology Conferences has Begun! and LawTech Futures 2013 Reviewed: The one with the neocortex. This year I must have fallen off the invite list. So no review I am afraid but just a few comments generated via Twitter from this side of Hadrian’s Wall.

Legal Conferences (especially Futuristic / Technology ones) are usually well covered these days on Twitter. Indeed sometimes you can glean as much about the Conference from Twitter as actually being there e.g. LawTech Camp London 2012: In Tweets.

That was, unfortunately, not to be the case yesterday. There were quite a few tweets from vendors telling you to come to their stalls for free giveaways. Riverview Law, Jeremy Hopkin’s daughter and I have a particular penchant for flashing green bouncy balls (sorry… an in-joke from last year). But there were very few tweets about the actual content of the Conference. Indeed the official Conference Twitter account could only muster four and those were just about the venue filling up. I was left not knowing what the future of legal technology holds. It was the keynote by Sir Tim Berners Lee that got most tweet coverage. We found out in particular that:-

But then that had already been predicted by Jon Busby on Twitter last week:-

So Twitter at least told us what was going to happen at the Conference before it did. Maybe just as well I hadn’t made the trip to London this year to find that out. Although Jon Busby tells me that Sir Tim’s http regret was widely publicised elsewhere and he picked it up in Wired last month. Other startling insights on the world wide web included:-

Why so little LawTech Futures Conference Tweets this year? I tweeted with Jason Plant about that:-

So very little in the way of tablets, smart phones and tweets at a legal technology conference. I can only deduce that the audience was therefore dominated by Big Law (and if Eversheds attended they left their iPads at home). Big Law does, of course, need to attend these conferences because Big Law is so behind the Legal IT curve 😉

On the Legal IT curve debate see also:-

Photo Credit: Yasmin Andrews

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    1. Thanks Nick

      Probably very true. But it should be of interest to those attending Legal IT Conferences and therefore you would think they would perhaps tweet about it. Maybe if they were being told what to do with it they would tweet about that. Is this therefore what is lacking at Legal IT Conferences?

  1. Unfortunately we didn’t make it but I would hazard a guess that the speakers – including Mr Web himself did not do a good job of prompting the usage of Twitter with the use of hashtags etc on their introductory and final presentation slides?

    Looking at the picture at the top of the post I can’t see any social media information – no @ # or anything?

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