Travels through the Blawgosphere: A New Series Materialises

Tardis takes off for the Blawgosphere
Next stop the Blawgosphere!

There have been some interesting blog posts in the blawgosphere over the past week about the practice of law. I have tweeted links to some of these. But I thought it might be nice to do an occasional review of such posts at The Time Blawg which is, after all, here to look at the past, present and future practice of law.

It will not be of the extensive nature that a Blawg Review or UK Blawg Roundup is. I have done one of those before (UK Blawg Roundup #6: The Time Travel Edition) and know how exhausting it can be. Good to see Blawg Review up and running again in recent weeks after a bit of a break (the latest edition #319 is an excellent one from Antonin Pribetic at The Trial Warrior Blog) and I am very much looking forward to the next UK Blawg Roundup #10 that Charon QC is currently working on.

The travels in my police box through the Blawgosphere will be a brief look at a few recent blog posts I have personally come across and liked. In keeping with the theme of this blawg they are likely to be ones with an emphasis on the practice of law rather than the law itself. However, I might throw in any blog post that particularly takes my fancy.

I currently have about 5 blog posts in mind, that I have read over the past week, for Episode #1 and I will try and publish that over the forthcoming weekend.

How regular the series becomes remains to be seen. I am not going to promise anything. It will very much depend on what other blawgers produce and I find from time to time. Let’s give it a whirl and see where it takes us.

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