I thought the Blawgosphere was a friendly place :-(

Elephants stampeding in the #LawBlogs Room

Elephants stampeding in the #LawBlogs Room

I was surprised and saddened by the way comments on my last post (The Elephant in the #LawBlogs Room) degenerated into unwarranted personal attacks by Blawgers against other Blawgers… I thought the Blawgosphere was a friendly place 🙁

As Lucy Reed tweeted:-

bloody elephant is stampeding! *calm down dears* #LawBlogs

Lucy tries to defuse the situation with a Michael Winner (or is it a David Cameron?)

Those commentators clearly had not taken the advice of Siobhain Butterworth at #LawBlogs where she said that sometimes reflection would be better than immediate comment. I have reflected for a few weeks before responding (well I had to as I have been on holiday and not had time of late to blog).

The moderation on The Time Blawg was set at the outset on the basis that once I have approved a comment from you then a second or later comment will be published immediately without further moderation. I did not want to have to be moderating comments all the time from regular contributors. However, some of the comments that came through on my last post I would not have been inclined to let through had the moderation not been so liberal. I have tightened this up a bit and will not allow The Time Blawg to become a place to criticise other bloggers. You can do that on your own blogs if you so desire.

But why do some bloggers do this in the first place I wonder? Does the Blawgosphere have to be an angry place? I have seen this happen on Twitter as well with unnecessary personal attacks by lawyers against other lawyers or marketers. This is a great shame.

It is surprising that lawyers, of all people, resolve to such base behaviour. They would surely never do so in the courtroom or in their professional correspondence with other lawyers, contacts or clients. Why do they think it is okay to do so in comments on blog posts or in tweets?

Perhaps it is just as well that blogging for business development was not discussed at #LawBlogs. It might have ended up with a brawl in Chancery Lane!

In my next post I will explore some of the other issues that arose from comments in The Elephant in the #LawBlogs Room. In the meantime your comments are still welcome but may well be moderated 😉

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